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Truck side advertising and vehicle wraps are a growing business. More and more people are reaping the rewards of advertising throughout Britain’s motorways. Through vehicle advertising you are able to target the national audience with lasting impact in a cost effective manner. Your campaign will be able to constantly reach new areas and audiences, we can get you exposure in areas that are difficult to target through traditional methods.

There is no limitation on the types of vehicles that can be used and we can cater for any quantity.

Our clients to date have included E.M.I who carried out a campaign to promote the release of Robbie Williams ‘Escapology’ album. Comverse, Euro car, Bank of Scotland and The Dream Works animated feature ‘The Road to Eldorado’.

Any campaign length can be accommodated. Imagine using a fleet of vehicles during election period. For any one party during the general election the campaign would only be needed for a 5-6 week period. Whereas for an ongoing branding exercise the campaign could last for between 6-12 months.

The logistical and haulage side of the transport through our green line tracking system that we have developed provides excellent accountability and costing for all campaigns. In addition to this we are able to provide you with monthly statistics to show exactly where your advertising has been seen.

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